Kitchen Ventilation Maintenance Program (KVMP)

In the restaurant and commercial cooking industry, your equipment's functionality is crucial for proper and timely production of your food products. The most important piece of equipment is the one that gets the least amount of maintenance; your vent hood.

Malfunction of a vent hood means your entire line of cooking can slow to a halt. For example, if an exhaust fan were to shut down, an attempt to continue cooking may come with some of the following problems:

Fire System Discharge
Dumps chemical, shuts down gas and remaining fans

Smoke Filling Kitchen and Dining Areas
Smoke is recirculated through air conditioning units causing additional damage

Risk of Fire
Heat is not expelled from the cooking area


We offer maintenance, inspection and repair service for your vent hood. This service includes:

Inspection of All Components
• Exhaust fans
• Supply fans
• Dampeners
• Supply plenums
• Ducts
• Belts
• Bearings
• Filters

Fan Adjustments
Optimizing the efficiency of your exhaust and make-up air fans

Basic Air Balance
Provides an optimal balance of air circulating in and out of your hood, recovering money wasted due to air conditioned air being evacuated through your hood.

Exhaust Hood System Warranty
Any component that fails between services, that was never brought to your attention, will be replaced at no additional cost.
(Excludes motors and bearings)


All of this is included for one low price of $65.00 per quarterly service.
(Up to two standard exhaust fans and one supply fan. Inline, Supremee, and HRE fans will be an additional charge.)

If you have ever had a fan go down, you know first...hand the value of this service. By using our maintenance program, we will respond to emergency service calls at no charge, saving you $150.00.

The money you will save on emergency service calls, combined with the money you will save on your energy bills, will be more than enough to cover the cost of this program.

This means reducing costs and resting assured that your exhaust system is functioning properly.