Exhaust Hood Cleaing

Maintaining a clean exhaust system is crucial for keeping a sanitary cookline and preventing grease fires.

Our hood cleaning process captures 100% of all grease and water from your entire hood system - hoods, fans and ductwork. After all grease has been removed and the hoods have been polished to reveal their true shine, our hood cleaning specialists will affix a sticker to the hood indicating the service date and the next service due date per NFPA recommendations and requirements, leave you with a copy of your hood system's inspection report, and provide you with "before," and "after" photos if requested.

We also offer steam-cleaning and our "Green Clean" process - amongst the greenest and most sanitary cleaning processes on the markets. click here to learn more about the process.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us.