Fire Suppression Systems

We offer full sales, installation and service of all major fire suppression systems including Ansul, Amerex, Buckeye, Pyrochem, and Rangeguard. Guardian Fire will be with you every step of the way, from the initial system design and permits to ensuring your kitchen meets NFPA Regulatory Requirements and passes your final Fire Marshal inspection.

Service on your system is as important as the equipment itself. Once installed, our technicians will gaurantee that your system is routinely inspected, as required by the NFPA, to ensure quality and reliability. This will also protect your five- year manufacturer's warranty from being voided.

Routine Service:
During a routine inspection, our technicians ensure that:

• All seals are in place
• Cylinder is pressurized to proper PSI
• Cartridges are up
• to
• date
• Hydrostatic
• test and 6 year maintenance are up to date
• Supply fans/ Electric shutoff are working properly
• Gas shut off valve is working properly
• Manual pull is in proper location and unobstructed
• Plenum, Duct, and Appliances are covered by proper nozzles
• Metal nozzle caps in place and rubber nozzle caps replaced
• Thermal detection links replaced
• All pipe, conduit, and brackets properly secured
• All system components in proper operating condition
• Warning signs are legible
• System re
• armed in operating position
• All seals and tags replaced
• System meets NFPA 17/17A standards
• System meets UL
• 300 standards
• Vent hood meets NFPA 96 standards
• K Class extinguisher in proper location